Friday, December 9, 2011

SBS: Climategate 2.0 Exposes More Leftist Scientific Fraud

Steven Birn
Steven Birn Speaks
December 8th, 2011

Climategate 2.0 has begun, as thousands of leaked emails show leftist climate scientists conspiring to smear opponents and manipulate or falsify data.

It also shows connections between those scientists and government officials, coordinating their efforts to manipulate and smear. This sort of thing ought not surprise any of us. Leftist climate scientists sold their scientific souls to the left years ago.

Leftist scientists always like to point out the ‘big oil’ or corporate associations of their opponents. It’s as though they believe that their money, which comes from government, is clean. It has never been so. In exchange for massive funding, leftist scientists have sold their scientific souls to socialists. The arrangement is pretty obvious. Scientists are paid to “study” global warming and come up with dire predictions and dubious warnings meant to scare people. Their solution is always government intervention. Socialists seize on unwarranted public fear, pass laws, restrict business and freedom and pay off their pals in science with more funding. The cycle replays over and over again.

But of course, no one in the media talks about this. The media, which is also in bed with the left, is only terribly concerned with scientists having corporate connections. Only then is their credibility challenged. Government paid scientists have no such credibility challenge from the media. But they should. We have seen government corruption on all levels for centuries. Why in the world would we assume that government paid scientists are pristine? Why would we not question their findings and more so question whether their findings have anything to do with obtaining more funding?

In the last three years there have thousands of emails released from these scientists, which show that they manipulate data, smear opponents without cause and are working with government to push a socialist agenda. This isn’t science that these people are pushing, it’s propaganda. They’re essentially using science as a front for their propaganda. In a nation and world that has, unfortunately, turned to science to explain everything the extreme left has used it to their great advantage. People are all to trusting of all things science, knowing this the left co-opted climate science to push for socialism.

The arguments of government climate scientists never made any sense. Their dire predictions were all to dramatic to be believed. Whenever they turned out to be false, the media ignored the predictions as though they never existed. There are no rising oceans, there is no increase in global temperatures, there are no dead polar bears. These people don’t even believe in their dire predictions. Al Gore has spent the last decade whining about rising oceans yet he spent millions on an ocean front condo in San Francisco a few years ago. If the Oceans were going to rise and overtake coastal cities, why did Gore buy a condo on the beach?

The truth is that the climate scientists who receive government funding have incentive to issue reports that further the position of government. What is the goal of government, particularly government bureaucrats? More power. What are the solutions to global warming? They always involve massive government action and a decrease in personal freedom. Scientists are paid to create hysteria so that government can swoop in and take power in order to “save” us from a non-existent threat. It’s quite a racket. Thankfully the internet is exposing it as the fraud that it is.

Steven Birn is an attorney and conservative political junkie and blogger. For more news and commentary visit Steven Birn Speaks.

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