Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Now the US Suprme Court Follows Indiana in Destroying the Fourth Amendment in Ruling

Lone Star Watchdog
by realman2020
May 17, 2011

This War on Drugs has really got out of hand trampling all over the Bill of Rights. I remember a Police officer in a traffic stop when I lived in Florida claiming to smell crack cocaine in my car to justify a search of my motor vehicle. This war on drugs has corrupted :Law Enforcement. In Tennessee cops steal cash on the assumption it was proceeds from drugs sales with no evidence to prove it stopping out of state cars on the highway. The government ships in the drugs. Our military in Afghanistan guards the poppy fields. Our police loot the innocent saying to stop the drug trade. The War on Drugs has not slowed down the illegal narcotic trade. But it has been a lucrative industry for Law enforcement.
Two recent high court decisions now give a blank check for police to enter homes. Last week it was Indiana Supreme Court ruled police need no reason to enter homes and now another ruling will bring shock waves again. The US Supreme Court in a decision 8-1 with Justice Ruth Bater Ginsberg the only one who dissented saying police can enter a home if the Police suspect people are destroying evidence. Do these know how corrupt police can be? Police Officers have been caught planting evidence on people to justify their actions. Now the High court has given Police free reign to frame and set up whoever they want.
Can anyone imagine a patriot or a political enemy is minding his own business in their home. Police see this activist a threat to their gravy train. They bust down the door and plant evidence in the home. The police will say they heard the person destroying evidence flushing drugs down the toilet when the person was sleeping the whole time. A lot of innocent people will be harmed by the system because of these rulings. Power corrupts Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Give the police an inch. They will take a mile.
I hope the decent police officers understand these rulings are very flawed and to act on what the high court ruled. There can see serious blow back against the police causing many to die in the line of duty because people are defending their families and property. The fourth amendment was put in our Bill of Right to shield the people from abuses like this from the government. These court rulings in many big cities will be seen many cops a license to abuse the people to steal from them with the High Court's seal of approval. I just hope there will be some decent Sheriffs and Police officers who will use moral restraint knowing this is a very flawed ruling and respects the fourth amendment regardless . There will be many unintended consequences coming to Law Enforcement they not prepared to deal with if they see this court ruling as a right to abuse. Lets pray we do not get into a shooting war over this.

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